Isekai Quartet – Isekai Revolution!

Isekai Quartet, an anime by Minoru Ashina, serves as a crossover featuring the characters of multiple Kadokawa Corporation isekai series. The main characters of Konosuba, Overlord, The Saga of Tanya the Evil, and Re: Zero are ironically transported into school-life isekai. Unable to return home, these vastly different characters are forced into their greatest challenge yet… school life!

Chaos theory


The anime opens with each faction, the Re: Zero group excluded, happening upon a single button. Despite the danger, each group manages, rather hilariously, to press said button and are then subsequently transported to a school-life isekai. Upon arriving, the characters are shuffled into a classroom where, once the Re: Zero faction arrives, everyone introduces themselves.

Aqua, due to her hatred of the undead, immediately attempts to attack Ains. Despite being famously useless, her attack was able to wound Ains, but she was subsequently punished by Roswaal. Similarly, due to a misunderstanding, Tanya has also decided to confront the lord of Nazarick. In the middle of all these confrontations, a leaflet was passed around detailing a talent show which should further increase the interaction between the characters.

The character’s interactions have been the primary focus of the current episodes, but there have bits of world building to supplement the comedy. As promptly explained by Demiurge, the characters are imprisoned by a barrier which, if it detects a hostile action, could prevent them from leaving. The professors are also capable of utilizing brainwashing/command magic in order to keep the students in line.


Main Characters

  • Konosuba (Kazuma) – Konosuba, despite being a subversion, serves as the anime’s primary example of an fantasy isekai. The Konosuba characters, due to their rather eccentric personalities, will most likely provide the majority of the anime’s comedy. Despite this, I’m personally interested in how a shut-in NEET like Kazuma will adapt to living a proper school life.
  • Saga of Tanya the Evil (Tanya) – The Saga of Tanya the Evil’s characters are militaristic and will most likely clash with the more comical and/or relaxed factions; however, I can see Tanya getting along splendidly with the characters of Overlord. Due to the anime mainly focusing on Tanya, and to a lesser degree Viktoriya, the male characters of this faction will most likely not receive a significant degree of screen time.
  • Overlord (Ains) – The character’s of Overlord, due to being undead and/or monsters, are the most visually distinctive characters of the crossover. Due to their nature, they will most likely continue to clash with the other factions (namely Aqua); however, I can see the majority of these characters getting along with fellow villain Tanya.
  • Re: Zero (Subaru) – The characters of Re: Zero have had surprisingly little screen time. It was interesting seeing Rem bond with Albedo, but it seems like Beatrice, along with Demiurge, might have the best chance of figuring out how to escape.


Isekai Quartet, as a crossover series, brings together four different Kadokawa animes; however, each of these utilizes a visually distinctive animation style. In order to unify these series, Isekai Quartet brings them under the banner of a chibi animation style. The anime’s opening also utilizes this style of animation, but the ending regresses further by depicting the characters as pixel art sprites.

It’s time for brooding 101


Isekai Quartet is primarily focused on the comedic interactions between its characters. Unfortunately, the anime’s pacing, coupled with the short nature of the episodes, serve to detract from its world building and/or plot; however, as previously mentioned, the primary focus of this anime is how characters who would never normally meet interact with each other. Due to this, I will most likely thoroughly enjoy this series, as a slice-of-life anime, even if nothing particularly noteworthy occurs.

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