The Helpful Fox Senko-San – The Epitome of Wholesome

The Helpful Fox Senko-san, a series by Rimukoro, features the titular kitsune Senko-san descending upon the mortal realm in order to dispel the negative stagnation surrounding office worker Nakano. Senko-san, in order to dispel his negativity, decides to consistently pamper Nakano to his heart’s content. It’s through these pampering sessions, and the pair’s expanding social circle, that Nakano’s downtrodden outlook begins to change for the better.

The light blue life


  • Senko-san – In all honesty, I was apprehensive about the anime’s quality due to Senko-san’s character design; however, while watching, I was surprised by how her youthful appearance contrasts her maturity. Initially, the series utilized this contrast as a running gag, but eventuality her maturity has shifted her towards a more nurturing role. Her wife-mother relationship with Nakano has been consistently improving, but the anime is currently, through flashbacks, suggesting that her relationship with Nakano is a form of repayment towards one of his ancestors. Due to this, I am interested in seeing how this will affects the pair’s relationship in subsequent episodes.
  • Nakano – Initially, I believed that Senko-san would be my favorite character in this series, but I have come to greatly appreciate and respect Nakano as a character. Nakano’s character, a beleaguered salaryman, allows viewers to insert themselves into the anime while maintaining a sense of individuality. As the series progressed, I found myself actively cheering for the pair’s happiness; therefore, I’m interested in how Nakano’s character will develop as the series progresses.
  • Kouenji – Kouenji, due to her delayed introduction, has not had as much time to develop her character; however, the introduction of a secondary character will allow for a greater variety of possible scenarios and/or interactions.
A well balanced meal


The Helpful Fox Senko-san has, as most series do, primarily focused on character introduction and relationship building in its initial episodes. The first episode introduced us to, our main characters, the titular Senko-san and the beleaguered office worker Nakano. In a similar fashion, the current episode introduced us to the pair’s neighbor Kouenji who the pair, seemingly, fooled into believing that Senko-san was a cosplayer.

A common theme, throughout the current episodes, has been the utilization of everyday events as a means to deepen the main character’s relationship. As of the latest episode, nothing particularly divisive has occurred, but both Nakano’s countenance, and the pair’s relationship, has vastly improved. Despite this, the series has, through flashbacks, implied that Senko-san is looking after Nakano not out of love, but due to a prior relationship with his ancestor.

Inspector Senko-san is on the case

Character Design

Initially, as an unabashed fan of monster girls, I decided to watch The Helpful Fox Senko-san due to the titular character’s design. Senko-san’s character design, and animations, excel in both their expressiveness and uniqueness. Her design, while admittedly youthful, belies a more nurturing personality and It’s this contrast between design, personality, and/or animation which elevated my enjoyment of her character. Despite this, it was the realistic detail put into Nakano’s character design which truly impressed me.

Nakano’s character design, while not particularly groundbreaking, is almost the picturesque definition of a middle-aged office worker. His lifeless eyes, unshaven stubble, and ruffled hair aptly demonstrate how his lifestyle has negatively affected him. Taking this into consideration, it’s interesting to see how the positive influence of Senko-san’s presence will affect both Nakano’s design and disposition.

Fear the berserker


The Helpful Fox Senko-san has, against my initial expectations, managed to consistently impress me. As previously mentioned, Senko-san’s character design was what initially drew me to the series; however, as the episodes progressed, I have come to fully enjoy this series. As an, albeit not to the same degree, overworked office worker myself, Nakano’s plight is entirely relatable. Due to this, the sight of him rediscovering the joys of life through his interactions with Senko-san is highly gratifying.

The utilization of everyday events as a means to deepen the characters relationship has remained a prevalent theme throughout the anime’s current episodes; however, it has accelerated the pacing of the main character’s relationship to a worrying degree. The character’s relationship, while slightly unusual, is progressing unnaturally fast for an anime of this genre; however, I can see the aforementioned relationship between Senko-san and Nakano’s ancestor being a major source of unrest further in the anime’s storyline.

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